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Mr. Josphat Kipkemboi

The Chief Principal
Ol’lessos Technical Training Institute (OTTI) is a middle level college sponsored by ACK and is established on a 43-acre land along the Kapsabet - Nabkoi road, in Nandi County. The inception and growth of OTTI dates back to 1975 when the local community of Lessos had a vision of having a Technical Secondary School. The community pooled together and raised funds by contributions from individual community members. The realization of this vision was slightly altered when in the year 1981, a ministerial statement required all technical secondary schools to be converted into Technical Training Institutions. Five years later, the vision acquired a boost in 1987 when the European Union and German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) injected capital towards development of infrastructural facilities for the institution. The completion of these facilities saw the first enrolment in 1997. Since its inception, OTTI has produced graduates who fit the globally competitive needs of modern employees and the emerging challenges.
OTTI is an equal opportunity Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institute under the ministry of education, state department of TVET offering TVET courses at diploma, certificate and artisan levels. It has distinguished itself as an Institute with high academic standards. It has adopted strict academic discipline with relevant programmes. The institute is developing partnerships with very able partners such as James Finlay(K) Limited and EMROK tea company. It aims to link every training department with well-established industries to ensure the training skills gaps with the industry are reduced with the aim of producing globally competitive graduates. This enhances the employment rate of OTTI graduates which currently stands at 70% within six months of completion of the course. OTTI has certified Quality Management System (QMS) (ISO 9001:2015) and this gives holistic approaches to training self-driven graduates aimed at achieving Kenya industrialization envisaged in the vision 2030. The institute is fully accredited by ministry of Education. It participates in TVET Trade fairs, Robots contests and other activities approved by the parent Ministry